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The Chic Tea

Chic Tea is a collection of 100% organic teas, selected and designed by our naturopath for their health benefits and style: chic!


The teas selected by Chic Tea each have specific proprieties thanks to their mixture of quality herbs, plants and fruits.


Tea offers many beneficial effects (stimulation of the nervous system, reduction of certain risks of illness, etc.).


The different mixes prepared by our naturopath respond to different needs: anti-stress, improved digestion, better sleep, improved hair quality and many more for you to discover.


Tea, like wine, is grown in different regions and prepared according to traditional methods. We want to share with you some of the lesser known teas appreciated by connoisseurs.


In order to guarantee a product of excellence, Chic Tea does not offer closed tea bags, which often contain herb leaf debris rather than real tea leaves.


Tea tasting is a ritual that involves careful selection of the leaves before tasting. We also offer a range of accessories for the famous “tea ceremony”.


"Chic Tea” clients enjoy the aromas of unique plants with health benefits as well as a stylish and “chic” tea experience.



Our herbal teas are exclusively 100% organic.

These certifications guarantee organic quality from production of the product to its storage and packaging.




Our Chinese Green tea with leaves rolled into pearls, as brilliant as jade, or with silver needles covered by white down, are a delight for the eyes. However, they are also pleasing to the palate. With a very soft, fresh or sweet taste, our Chinese teas seduce the most demanding tea drinkers.


The mountain ranges in the north of India offer the best possible tea growing conditions. It is not at all surprising that the most aromatic tea leaves come from India and Nepal. Enchant your taste buds with the fresh, floral notes of rare Darjeeling teas or savour the strong aromas of our selection of teas from Assam.

Why organic teas?

“Industrial” teas often use chemical perfumes which affect that real taste of the infusion

(mass produced lemon or mint teas).


Chic Tea offers a selection of teas chosen for their exclusive composition of tea leaves, herbs and fruits, all organically produced. This ensures that our clients do not consume chemical products

but rather benefit directly from the positive effects of natural plants.

The cherry on top is that by consuming organic tea, you are supporting sustainable development

as these teas are produced by small craft plantations.

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